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Ken Evoy Internet E-Books
(Web Site Design and Promotion)

Do you want to become an expert on  Website design, Website building, Website Marketing  and E-commerce ? If you want to learn more than just the technical aspects, some of the best sites on the Net to learn these skills are Site Build it (SBI) and Sitesell.

If you want to build your own Website, SBI! does it all... from brainstorming and researching keywords to submitting to engines, from domain name registration and automatic renewal to Search Engine Optimization, from unique traffic and CLICK analysis to spider-tracking and automatic resubmission to the engines -- it even includes powerful link management tools, Pay-Per-Click research and mass-bidding-submission tools.

A recent study has shown that 35% of sites built with SBI!  ranked in the top 1% of all sites (i.e., higher than 99% of all sites on the Web).

SBI offers you an integrated package with Training on website building, Website development tools to design and build  Websites that  sell (attract visitors),  Domain name services, Website hosting and much more ...

The site provides also high quality Ebooks (sold at incredibly low prices or even for  free) on:

  • Designing, building and promoting Websites,
  • Publishing specialised knowledge,
  • Writing professional copy (copywriting),
  • Determining the best prices for a product,
  • Search engines optimisation (SEO).

I advise you also to read the following Ebooks many of which can now be downloaded for F*R*E*E:

You can also download some free Handbooks of the Masters training series such as the following:

The Affiliate Masters Course shows affiliates how to build a traffic-generating theme-based content site. From brainstorming and researching profitable keywords, to building SE-ranked Keyword-Focused Web pages using CTPM, to establishing profitable Pay-Per-Click campaigns.

Click here to download it.

Pricing is the single most important marketing decision that any business owner ever makes. On the Internet,  Customers have access to tons of information through the Web and Competitors are a mere mouse click away.
"Make Your Price Sell!, The Masters Course" turns your visitor into a pricing expert.
Click here to download it.

The majority of folks selling online focus on selling first. They often spend hundreds of hours of their own time writing persuasive sales copy. But... well-written content gives surfers what they want. It attracts targeted visitors by ranking well at the Search Engines. Then it PREsells or "warms up" visitors, gaining their trust and confidence.
Click here to download it.

The Masters series includes  many more FREE Ebooks. We have listed here  only the main ones. The remaining ones will be sent by email if you register in the Opt-In Box of the Home page.

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